Subject: Re: Why is ifconfig.ae0 better than hostname.ae0?
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1997 10:54:48
> interfaces with more than one address?  like ppp interfaces?  using
> $name would still work (would't it?).

Interfaces with IP aliases.  Probably not PPP interfaces.  And
probably the DNS name associated with one address on the interface
won't be the same as the DNS name for another - why would it be?
Furthermore, as I mentioned in my previous message, we don't parse the
data in the file anymore - we just hand it to ifconfig as command-line
arguments.  So we don't know the name.

> addresses that are not ip addresses?  check $af to see if it says
> "inet" before you add the route.

No such thing - we don't parse the file.

> there is no parsing, since the netstart script needs to know how to
> build the command anyway...

It doesn't build the command - you do when you set up the ifconfig.xx
file.   All netstart does is, for each line of the ifconfig.xx file,
invoke ifconfig with the interface name and the contents of that line
as its arguments.   There is no interpretation of the data anymore.