Subject: Re: netatalk - what can I do with it?
To: None <,>
From: Marc A. Boschma <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1997 13:43:31
>Not yet, but I'd be interested. The Linux folks are working on something,
>and now that we've got netatalk, we can play too. :-)

That's good to hear!

>As it bypasses ddp, it's not dependant on the kernel. It should share more
>easily. ??

It appears to be so. I have yet to scope out the afpd configuration
(it would be great if it's syntax and SAMBA's where close/identical).

I'd actually like to see AFP over SSL as well, for links across the
public Internet. I now have a cable modem, so I'm looking at all sorts
of uses of a permanant connection...

>> I'll have to hunt out a site for netatalk...

>The main one is at I'm interested in any others you might find.

I went there. Didn't find much else in English.

One question I do have is that I have a '532 with a cabletron
scsi-ethernet box and I'm wondering if the '532 could support
non-TCP/UP netatalk... ?


Marc B.