Subject: Re: shared libraries
To: None <>
From: Ronald Khoo <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/1997 08:24:16
In article <> you write:
>> POSIX is not "like" IEEE stuff, posix _IS_ IEEE stuff.  It is the IEEE
>> 1003.* family of standards.
>Sigh.  Oh yeah.
>> Thankfully, it's not actually _megabucks_, typically "just" a
>> hectobuck per standard, unless you can find somebody who's going to
>> one of the meetings and get them to give you the one half-off standard
>> that they're allowed to purchase (or something like that)...
>Either way, it's more than I can justify spending, unless $100 gets me
>the whole POSIX standard.

Well, the catalogue is online, so you can make an informed decision
on that :-)  Just type 'posix' into
and it will yield a small list of POSIX standards.

Looks like for most practical uses, one or two is enough --
$120 for the man(2) and man(3) standard, and $228 for the man(1) standard.

Unless you've got an IEEE member friend who can buy it for you with his
his member's discount :-)