Subject: Re: SCSI controller question
To: None <>
From: Brad Walker <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/1997 23:27:53
> From Tue Jan 28 20:08:05 1997
> From: (Brett Lymn)
> Subject: Re: SCSI controller question
> To: (Rick Kelly)
> Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 14:06:46 +1030 (CST)
> Cc:
> You know, it seems we have a cyclic love/hate with particular scsi
> controllers here.  When I was looking to dump my NCR a while back
> quite a few people were claiming the NCR was the best and the others
> were crap.  Now it looks like we have gone the other way :-)

The NCR chips are the absolutely best chips for implementing SCSI.
BUT, they are very difficult to program properly. SCRIPTS can be
a cobra biting you on the butt at worst and a god send at best.
With a properly written driver and SCRIPTS it's possible to attain
90% SCSI bus saturation.

For reference sake, I'm able to get 18.5MB/sec on a SparcStation 10
and the same performance on a 486 w/PCI running Solaris X86..

-brad w.