Subject: Re: Weird NFS behaviour???
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/27/1997 14:51:31
Quoting Feico Dillema,

> I have a local Ethernet between two machines; one 486DX2 running 
> NetBSD-1.2-i386 and one DEC UDB Alpha box running NetBSD-1.more-or-less-
> current-alpha (first week of January, I think). The alpha box operates
> as a NFS file-server for the Intel box  (with / /usr and /usr/X11R6 on
> the local disk). Some time ago I moved some files on the Intel box
> from one NFS-mounted partition to another. An `ls` showed me however
> the moved files twice in the new dir! Both had the same inode# and 
> name though. The same directory listing local on the alpha, however, 
> still showed these files only once. 

This is a known bug; it sometimes happens in large directories and has
to do with invalidation of cached directory information on the client.
There's a fix for this which I haven't committed yet because I thought
it was too slow in some cases, and a better fix is possible.

I might commit it anyway as an intermediate patch because it's been
lying around for too long now.

- Frank