Subject: more apm curiosity...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/26/1997 17:39:13

Since the recent changes in /src/sys/{sys,vm} (at arround 22/23.1.1997)
I have a new strange effect at resume time on my Toshiba Tecra 500 CDT
laptop (running NetBSD current with the pcmcia and atapi patches).

First thing I noticed is, that after I resume the system, the IDE hard drive
gets several little seeks (e.g. the harddrive LED is blinking and one hears
the head making noise), for nearly 30/40 seconds at a constant frequence.
The system does not react to anything at that time.

After the system came down, I noticed that everytime xscreensaver stops
with core dump:

[1]    Segmentation fault            xscreensaver -timeout 5 -cycle 3 -nice 20 -lock

Before those changes (I dunno if it is really related) I had no such problem,
e.g. xscreensaver worked well, after resuming the system went imediatly
locked and the fancy grfx stuff begun.

I modified /src/usr.sbin/apmd/apmd.c a while ago with a sleep, before
the /etc/apm/resume script is started. This safed the file from getting

*** apmd.c-orig Thu Oct 17 17:07:29 1996
--- apmd.c      Fri Jan 17 09:54:59 1997
*** 293,298 ****
--- 293,299 ----
  resume(int ctl_fd)
+     sleep(10);

So for some days I had a working apm behaviour, before those changes appeared.

Another thing, which I saw reported on the list too is, that I had to
switch off lpd from being started. When lpd was running, `shutdown -r now`
got hanging after the message of syslogd going down (the system seemed to
wait for lpd going down - I killed lpd by hand and got a hanging system too!).

Finally I noticed a strange message on system startup:

lpt0: out of paper

and on random times too - the strange thing is - I have and had never a
printer connected!

So I don't know if those things are releated, but I would like to get rid
of them and track them down.

Thanx for any help/ideas in advance!