Subject: Re: NetBSD server (was Re: What is happening with libpthread???)
To: Christian Kuhtz <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1997 15:57:53
On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Christian Kuhtz wrote:

> I have done Mach mk ports numerous times, and for my it is a fairly  
> straightforward business, and I believe I have a thorough enough understanding  
> of Mach internals to be successful at it and come up with something which  
> will not only work, but perform well.

[some reasons for microkernels deleted]

> IMHO, NetBSD is a very fine uniprocessor OS.  Efficiency for a different  
> environment might need a different approach than driving a uniprocessor OS to  
> be a multiprocessor OS.  Especially since there are no threads in the current  
> kernel, IMHO, this job can never been of great efficiency.  It'll work, no  
> doubt, but it won't be the best we can do.
> Because the NetBSD server's API will be a superset of the current NetBSD API,  
>  current apps will continue to run at the very least after recompilation.   
> With a little extra effort, even binary compatibility can be provided.

So what is the status of "the NetBSD server?" I ask as I have a PowerMac
7100 which can run mklinux. I'm not teribly inclined to put Linux on it,
but I'd be quite pleased to play w/ NetBSD on top of the microkernel.

Note: I still hope to see a unified port (non-mk), but mklinux is growing
fast, with a PowerMac NetBSD port not too close. With such a server, we
could (hopefully) get something up soon. Plus we let Apple port it to
all the Macs. :-)

Take care,