Subject: Re: How to use CR-Writer?
To: Manuel BOUYER <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1997 06:20:48 (Manuel BOUYER)  wrote:
 > On Jan 23, Hubert Feyrer wrote
 > > What SCSI-spec exactly. I have a list of (numeric) commands the writer
 > > supports, and short verbal descriptions what they do, is this sufficient?
 > No, You need a complete descriptions of the commands (lenght, flags, etc),
 > and probably of the mode pages too (depend of the cd-writer you are using).

FreeBSD have a worm device that does CDR... I've not looked at what it is
or what it looks like... I also know they have some sort of faked-out rtprio()
call that supposedly helps the CDR get a distinct amount of attention.

People might want to look there in addition to whatever else they may be
working on.

I have an HP4020i and it would please me no-end to be able to burn CD's on
it instead of ftp'ing 600MB files to our Mac...