Subject: Re: How to use CR-Writer?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Manuel BOUYER <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1997 13:19:30
On Jan 23, Hubert Feyrer wrote
> What SCSI-spec exactly. I have a list of (numeric) commands the writer
> supports, and short verbal descriptions what they do, is this sufficient?

No, You need a complete descriptions of the commands (lenght, flags, etc),
and probably of the mode pages too (depend of the cd-writer you are using).

> Hm, i'm not too deeply into programming, but just for curiosity, could you send
> me that program, please? :)

I'll send you a copy in private mail.

> Hm, i wonder if i have to take the machine single-user. Of course if that
> swap-lag occurs that 1.2 has (and which stalls the machine for seconds with the
> SCSI-led on), the CD to burn is hosed, but this would also appear in single
> user mode, i guess.

This depends of the hardware you are using (both host and CD-R).
Some CD-R have such small caches that even a single 'sync' (as
generated by the update daemon) can make you loose a CD if the hard disk
is on the same scsi bus than the CD-R.
However, with a "resonable" host, and 1Mb cache on the CD-R, you should
be able to burn a cd in multi-user mode, if you don't attemps to compile
a kernel with 'make -j4' at the same time.

> On the other side, i see what a friend of me does under Linux with his burner,
> and get more envious every thime he tells me about making his own CDROMS,
> audio-CDs, even sampling audio-tapes and burning the tracks to audio-CDs.
> He's using Xcd-roast... any chance to get this to work when we can transfer
> images to CDs safely? I haven't looked into it yet...

Do we have the sources for this ? It could be cool to port it to NetBSD
(I don't think we have any chances to get it run in linux-emulation, if
it sends scsi commands).

Manuel Bouyer, MASI, Universite Paris VI.