Subject: Re: Creating MS-DOS filesystems
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1997 18:12:02
On 21 Jan 1997 01:21:26 +0100 (Matthias Scheler) wrote:

 > now that we finally have a working "fdformat" - good job, who ever did it -
 > I would like to be able to create 3rd party especially MS-DOS filesystems,
 > too. Am I wrong or is there no command for this job yet? I could grab the
 > source of "mformat" from the latest M-Tools and prepare it for integration.
 > But maybe it would be better to write some kind of "alienmkfs" which can
 > create any kind of filesystem (MS-DOS, AmigaOS etc.) based on a configuration
 > file.
 > Opinions?

Always :-)

In a perfect world, we'd have:


...etc.  There would be a signle "driver" program, called "newfs", which
would be invoked like:

	newfs -t ffs /dev/rsd5f
	newfs -t msdosfs /dev/rfd0a

If no -t argument is given, the system would default to ffs.

This would be in line with how mount and fsck work.

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