Subject: Re: What is happening with libpthread???
To: John Birrell <>
From: Christian Kuhtz <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1997 02:11:46
On Sun, 19 Jan 1997 07:14:26 +1100 (EST), John Birrell <> =
> There is work in progress that will replace libpthread with a version
> that shares code with libc. There are still design issues that haven't
> been resolved which prevent libpthread from using objects built into
> libc (as opposed to building a separate libpthread from the same source
> as libc).

Can anyone comment on what the status of this work in progress is?  And if =
there's someone who is actively working on it, could you possible comment on =
this? ;-)  Is there an ETA for pthreads?

Is it really such a great idea to combine libc with libpthreads?  Especially =
with all the architecture dependencies in any kind of architecture.   It =
seems to me, while it is a neat idea to take the approach above, it is =
generally a much faster implemented approach to build an external libpthread =
in addition to libc.

For other reasons than pthreads being an integral part of threadsafe calls =
to libc, I have never seen anyone take this approach, unless the OS itself =
is multithreaded, which NetBSD isn't.

Care to comment on that?=20

Best regards,

PS: Yet another reason to run a NetBSD server or NetBSD API compliant server =
on a Mach mk and built Pthreads on top of Mach C-Threads. 8-]=