Subject: Re: Prentium MMX for NetBSD-current
To: None <>
From: John S. Dyson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1997 08:17:59
> In article <"iraun1.ira.567:">, G.Grau wrote:
> :|o import FreeBSD's vm system with merged/fixed vm/buffer system
> Only when it is as stable as the actual vm system. I hate reading "it runs
> perfect ... " and after a few days and few mails "..oops you are right there
> was still a minor bug .." and this over and over again.
Most of the time the problems are due to continuing development on the -current
branch.  That is one of the hazards of moving forward.  I dare say that
either the 2.1.6 or the 2.2-release VM systems are vast improvements over
whatever was in 4.4Lite or 4.4Lite/2.