Subject: Re: problem w/ 4/300 and -current
To: Rob Deker <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/15/1997 20:30:48
	(Reply also cc'ed to port-sparc, which sould seem to be the more
	appropriate list - can people cut current-users from any
	further reply)

	Purely as a data point I have a 4/300 running 1.2 with 8mb on
	the motherboard and another 48 on a 48slot vme simm board and
	its pretty stable - runs with up to around 20 users on during
	the day (most only running the same program)
	(8:27PM  up 7 days, 10:15, 8 users, load averages: 0.90, 0.40, 0.29)

	So if it is a problem with NetBSD it looks like its specific to
	memory on the CPU board. When I find my little allen key I'll
	try to get 8x4m on the cpu board to test, but I dont get to
	see that machine often... :)

		David/abs	david@{,,}

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On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Rob Deker wrote:

> I have a sun 4/300 running the sparc port of netbsd. I was experiencing a
> few problems and so upgraded to -current. The one most annoying problem
> has persisted, and so I figured I'd ask here for some help. It seems that
> with NetBSD, a 4/300 does not like to have 32MB of RAM on the system
> board. (and before anybody asks, yes i DID set the appropriate jumper to
> indicate the presence of 4MB SIMMS). The machine will usually boot fully
> and then after a few minutes, panic and dump. Once I take the machine back
> to 8MB, it works flawlessly. I know that the hardware is not the problem,
> since I've tried 2 processor boards and the memory is all known good. Am I
> the only one experiencing this problem?
> rob
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