Subject: Re: ncr.4
To: Gordon W. Ross <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/15/1997 10:22:37
> > mikel
> > Tue Jan 14 21:54:40 PST 1997
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> > Log Message:
> > move ncr.4 from man4.i386 to MI man4
> When this was in man4.i386 it was (perhaps) unambiguously that
> "ncr" meant to refer to the "NCR 53C810" driver.  Now that this
> is in an MI location, it could refer to either that or to the
> driver for the older "NCR 5380" used in the sun3 and some sparcs.
> How would you feel about renaming it to "ncr53C90" or something?

Why?  Just to totally confuse everyone?  There is ambiguity here.  As
far as I know, we have the following NCR chips:

5380 -- used in atari, amiga?, sun3, mac68k, pmax?, vax, and soundblaster cards
53C9X -- used in alpha, amiga?, sparc, mac68k, and pmax
53c8xx -- used in modern PCs (and alphas?) and PCI cards

I think there's also a 53c700 series that might be used in some Amiga
cards, but my memory could easily be faulty here.

We have at least two drivers for each of the first two chip families and
documentation for only the last.  Ideally, we would have man pages for
all the drivers and one ncr.4 that says "SEE ALSO ..."


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