Subject: Re: devfs (was Share common code/data across ports?)
To: Johan Danielsson <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1997 16:38:36
   matthew green <> writes:
   > there were no devices for c1t1.  ie, i could not mount c1t1.  as
   > i couldn't mount the root filesystem, i couldn't _modify_ it.
   The few times I have installed on alphas, I have done so by making
   filesystems and untaring from OSF1 rather than the `official' way of
   dd-ing an image to disk. The problems I get are similar to what you
   describe - the device files gets screwed up (due to incompatibilities
   with osf1/netbsd). What I do is mount mfs on /tmp and then MAKEDEV
   from there. Then you can mount -u /tmp/whatever /, and continue from
   You will of course need mfs in your kernel.

oh... this was talking about solaris, not netbsd.

in fact, it wasn't appropriate for this list at all, and i appologuise
to the list members for wasting their time.

i think the problems you're seeing with netbsd devices and osf1 is
that osf1 does some wierd futzing around with them behind your back.
chris will have more details..