Subject: Re: devfs (was Share common code/data across ports?)
To: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/1997 14:19:15
matthew green sez:
 * every tried to boot a solaris disk on a machine that it wasn't installed
 * on, and wasn't configured basically identically ?  ever tried booting
 * from a disk that previously didn't exist ?

Rubbish:  boot -rs[v] and it should work just fine.

You might need to supply the -b flag as well and perform all the startup
to single-user manually.

 * it doesn't work.  it fails miserably and horribly and requires at least
 * booting from cdrom to fix, or, in some sad cases (sigh), a reinstall!