Subject: Re: Share common code/data across ports?
To: Scott Reynolds <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/1997 14:16:48
On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Scott Reynolds wrote:

> However, given N kernels, how
> do you reference (e.g.) the process table of a kernel that isn't running?

As I said before, since these are static entities, you build a
program that does a static dump of a procfs into a directory tree.

> Assuming you could, how would you maintain which kernel in the filesystem
> was referenced by what part of the procfs tree?

You put them wherever you like on the disk. No, there's no link.
On the other hand, if you send the output of ps to a file, you
don't have any link between that file and the kernel/kmem that that
ps output came from either.

> What happens if you
> remove one of the kernels, or an associated core dump?

The statically constructed procfs stays there until you delete it.

> No, everything is certainly _not_ a file; some things don't lend
> themselves to that paradigm well at all.  This is less a matter of opinion
> than harsh reality.

Seems to me in this case it's a matter of opinion.


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