Subject: Re: problem with 'w' after recent rebuild?
To: Alasdair Baird <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/1997 13:11:17
Alasdair Baird sez:
 * I've seen much the same---it seems that kvm_mkdb isn't rebuilding
 * the kvm.db when it should.  You need to manually `rm /var/db/kvm.db'
 * before rerunning kvm_mkdb again and all will be fine, until next
 * time at least.  I haven't looked into why this isn't happening, yet. what's wrong with throwing the line

	unlink("/var/db/kvm.db");	/* or its _PATH_ constant */
	/* or (f)truncate() it? */

into kvm_mkdb.c (or wherever)?  If you're remaking the db, it's probably
more expedient to just blast what's there and recreate it unconditionally
rather than to figure if its dependency has changed, what's changed about
it and what needs to be updated.

 * On a strangely related unrealted topic, does anyone know why, apart
 * from histrory perhaps, that kvm.db is in /var/db and dev.db is in
 * /var/run?

Yes, could we consolidate here before we run too far afield?

 *    Alasdair.