Subject: Re: other backup technologies?
To: Rob Deker <>
From: Christian Kuhtz <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/06/1997 12:49:00
I didn't say Legato is lightning fast.  They do have speed problems, and I  
concur with pointing fingers at their indexing solution.  Like you, I have  
discussed this with Legator tech's many many times, and they are not terribly  
receptive to it.

Nonetheless, it should not be as slow as you had indicated either. ;-)

Last time I encountered a setup like yours, it worked much better moving the  
whole DLT shebang off to a dedicated backup server, possibly hanging off of a  
dedicated service net.  Backup is such a high bandwidth consuming operation  
that in most cases dedicated infrastructure is the only way to really cure it  
over a somewhat significant period of time.

But, try to explain that to your average IS mgmt with only $$$ of the  
equipment cost in front of their eyes, neglecting all other cost factors...  

Unless Auspex provides better hooks in the right places, IMHO it is not  
neccessarily a good idea to hang a backup server off of an Auspex.