Subject: Re: other backup technologies?
To: None <,>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/06/1997 11:06:46
>On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Christian Kuhtz wrote:
>> Could it be that your backup strategy might be in need of tuning/revision?
>Not really..
>> You can backup much larger volumes of data (let's say in the neighborhood of  
>> a couple of TBytes) than what you classify as "much larger" in significantly  
>> less time.  10G should *not* take as long as you described under any  
>> circumstances (aside from improper configuration, incl. hardware).
>Well, as I understand it, it is Legato's index file strategy that is
>killing us.

Yes, that's a reall possibility. It's also being worked on last I heard.

>> What you need is someone who knows what they're doing overhaul your setup.   
>> If you're attempting to stream 10G onto, let's say, a cheapo 4mm stacker,  
>> hanging off a 486/33/16 running NT, well, you get the idea. ;-)
>FYI: we're using a DLT that is on an Auspex and it is backing up data
>stored on the local machine.

Well, as an ex-Auspex as well as ex-Legato employee I'd have to
state that unless Auspex has done some work that I don't know about,
going from the SP/FP *through* the HP to a DLT would be real performance

Or have you shoved the DLT into an SP slot? If so, well, hmm... probably
really *is* an index problem- after all, the HP<>FP<>SP path was never supposed
to be *that* fast; it's too bad that Auspex and legato never got together
to embed the backup hooks into the FP where they really should be.