Subject: Re: pppd won't compile; are there any archives?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/06/1997 19:05:34
> >I guess I'm unclear on the concept of "rebuilding
> >src/lib/libpcap". I resupped (sup -v some-list-file) and did a
> >"make build" and I got the same hiccup in pppd.
> >
> >Is there something I need to delete?
> That's a possibility.

Yep.  Remove


That's what I had to do (well, I renamed my files...) to get pppd
to compile.

> Make sure that the 'delete' option is included in each line of
> your supfile, then run sup again with the -o option.

I did have 'delete' in my supfile.  I do however not sup directly
from, and I supped directly into a 1.2 source tree.
As far as I know, the manual removal of the above two files should
not really be necessary, but...

- H=E5vard