Subject: Re: union-filesystem
To: Clarence Wilkerson <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1997 14:16:27
>I did  "mount -t union /home/src /usr/src "

>The intent was to have the original src tree be overlaid with
>the products from make in /home/src.

>The mount went ok:

><above>:/home/src       1077554   860490   203944    81%    /usr/src

	I tend to have much better luck mounting things below.

	On my machine, /local/src is the clean sup'd source tree, and
/usr/src is where I do all the compiles.

		% mount -t union -o -b /local/src /usr/src
or, fstab entry:
		/local/src /usr/src union rw,-b 0 0
		% mount
		<below>:/local/src on /usr/src type union

	I have used this setup for months w/o problem.

Phillip F Knaack
Systems Administrator, Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA)
Iowa State University Extension