Subject: Re: DAT support?
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From: Erik Rungi <>
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Date: 01/02/1997 17:02:58
   From: Jukka Marin <>
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   Dear All,

   What kind of a DAT drive do you recommend for a NetBSD (1.2/i386) system?
   Do we have support for DAT changers (would be nice with AMANDA - could
   create backups of all machines automatically)?  What are the DS-1, DDS-1,
   and DDS-2 types mentioned for different DAT drives?

   Hm, there should be a "recommended hardware" list somewhere.. :-)

Hi.  I recently installed a Sony DDS-2 SDT-5000 4GB/8GB internal DAT
drive on my NetBSD/i386 1.2 system on my SCSI chain, and netbsd
happily recognized the drive as /dev/st0, with no problems
whatsoever.  Only thing I had to do was compile st0 into the kernel.

DDS-2 is 120M 4GB uncompressed DAT tape.  My drive operates at
300kbytes/sec sustained rate with 1MB burst rate (so the specs claim)
and this seems to be accurate (approx 3GB drive backed up in 2.5 hours
or so).

Hope this helps.

                                                                Erik Rungi
                                                        Technical Director
                                                              OpenFace INC