Subject: Re: compatability: 1.2 versus current?
To: John F. Woods <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/27/1996 08:16:31
On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, John F. Woods wrote:

> Before I plunge into finally building and installing -current, are the -current
> libraries compatible with a 1.2 kernel, or vice versa?  Or is this a case of
> back the system up and hope it all works the first time?  (Scary because I need
> a custom kernel.)

I'm not sure what the level of compatability is, but the way I went
about doing it (when upgrading 1.1 to -current) was this:

    # build a new kernel
    # mv netbsd /
    # build src/bin and src/sbin
    DESTDIR=/new; export DESTDIR
    NOMAN=1; export NOMAN
    cd /usr/src/bin && make install
    cd /usr/src/sbin && make install

(You'll have to deal with it wanting to install stuff under
/new/usr/share/doc/... however you like; there's no way to turn
this off at the moment.  I just created the appropriate directories,
let it install, and rm'd it later.)

Now you can boot -s, test it out, and play for a bit.
If you have to shut down at this point, make sure you use
/new/sbin/halt, not /sbin/halt.

Once you're happy:

    cd / && mv netbsd netbsd.old && mv netbsd
    cd /sbin && mv init init.old
    cd /new/sbin && mv * /sbin
    cd /bin && mv * /bin
    rm -rf /new

Now you can go multi-user and start compiling the rest of your
system a la make build.

The only other thing that's come up so far is that usr.bin/xlint
needs to be bootstrapped after it fails about half way through with
a `make install,' so you can complete the make on it. My little
IPX is compiling away and has gotten well into the gnu stuff at
this point; I anticipate being able to install the rest of Dec 25th
current tonight.


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