Subject: Re: make: MACHINE vs. MACHINE_ARCH
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/22/1996 20:11:33
>This makes sense now. However, this brings up a problem with make.
>Make will take MACHINE from the environment, but MACHINE_ARCH is
>set at compile time. (Actually--and this is sort of a bug on top
>of a bug--it can be set with a command line variable, though not
>an environment variable, and though this will not be passed on to
>any make sessions spawned off of the current one.)

	You can work around this.

MAKE(1)                     NetBSD Reference Manual                    MAKE(1)
     -e      Specify that environmental variables override macro assignments
             within makefiles.
             MAKEFLAGS  The environment variable `MAKEFLAGS' may contain any-
                        thing that may be specified on make's command line.
                        Anything specified on make's command line is appended
                        to the `MAKEFLAGS' variable which is then entered into
                        the environment for all programs which make executes.


		% setenv MAKEFLAGS '-e'
		% setenv [...]
		% make

Phillip F Knaack
Systems Administrator, Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA)
Iowa State University Extension