Subject: Re: Exabyte 8200 - is anyone using one successfully?
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/18/1996 18:57:00
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In message <598h6i$>you write:
> In article <>,
> 	Eric Volpe <> writes:
> > I would appreciate if anyone who is using an exabyte 8200 successfully
> > would send me a quick summary of how you use it (dump options, ...
> dump u0fB /dev/nrst1 2359296 /filesys

Mine works fine with any blocksize > 1k.

> > and the jumper settings of your drive!
> I only disabled the memory test (1 to ON) and odd disconnect (3 to ON).

I only changed the default cartridge setting to the larger one (I honestly 
remember), this leads to the fact that any "blank" cartridge is ejected on the 
very first insertion, if it is a Video8 tape without the special ExaByte 
markers on it.

I do have one problem, though:
The drive hangs when fsf'ing forward from any position before the first EOF.
If I manually read up to the first EOF any further fsf will work correctly 
until BOM is reached again.  I haven't investigated this because my 
backup-software creates a label in the first 10k block and then writes an EOF. 

I was easy to instruct the source to always read in the first block instead of 
fsf'in over it in case it doesn't need to read the label...


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