Subject: replacing sup?
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/1996 18:16:08

I am just cleaning my mailbox and I found this mail.

Jordan K. Hubbard wrote to
> freefall.FreeBSD.ORG AKA sup.FreeBSD.ORG is no longer providing sup
> services due to load problems.  sup.FreeBSD.ORG now points to
> freefall still provides CVSup services as cvsup.FreeBSD.ORG and people
> are encouraged to switch.  CVSup is John Polstra's far more efficient
> and powerful sup replacement utility, and a far more efficient user of
> network bandwidth.  With sup, anytime someone tagged the CVS tree
> Walnut Creek CDROM's T1 line would melt down as sup stupidly
> transfered *every single file* all over again, and FreeBSD's
> increasing popularity has made that situation no longer tolerable.
> For more information on CVSup, please see:
>         ftp://freefall.FreeBSD.ORG/pub/CVSup

I remember that there used to be problems with sup, esp. those mentioned
above. What do people think about a switch to CVSup? I must admit that
I am personally not running CVSup, but I haven't seen any complies from
the FreeBSD people and this mail was sent more than a month ago.

Just transfering ideas ...