Subject: Re: bin/3011: ftp could be smarter with host:/path and URL's
To: Christian Kuhtz <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/08/1996 21:20:27
On Sun, 8 Dec 96 22:07:58 -0700 
 Christian Kuhtz <> wrote:

 > Include a pointer in the FAQs then, or manpage if you have to.  Or split the  
 > development tree up and evolve ftp as a separate product.
 > But don't make an efficient binary bloated.

There are a couple of archtectural reasons why making these changes to
ftp(1) is a win overall:

	(a) Brings us closer to the goal of providing a complete
	    environment.  Why ship an ftp(1) at all if it's just
	    going to be replaced?

	(b) Makes system automation w/ FTP much easier.  For example,
	    the hp300, sparc, sun3, and atari miniroot install tools
	    will all benefit from the `anonymous' and `URL' features.
	    The current menthod they use is gross, at best.

I agree that it can be taken too far; a full-blown GUI is too far,
for example.  However, the changes that have been going in are
fairly non-intrusive overall, and don't bloat the executable much
at all.

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