Subject: Re: Question about recent libwrap changes
To: None <>
From: James E. Bernard <jbernard@tater.Mines.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/1996 16:35:09
>Shouldn't the libwrap messages from 'inetd -l' be logged with facility
>LOG_AUTHPRIV or LOG_AUTH instead of LOG_DAEMON?  This would make it much
>easier for all of the authorization-related messaged to be collected in
>one place by syslog.  

>It looks like this could be done by changing the initialization of
>allow_severity and deny_severity in inetd to include the preferred facility.

  This is dealt with in PR bin/2983, which mrg closed this morning.  I expect
you'll see the changes show up in tomorrow's sup.

>sendmail might also benefit from a similar change.

  Right.  I have a patch that does this, but since sendmail isn't really
netbsd code, I haven't send-pr'd it.  Send me mail if you'd like a copy.