Subject: Lobby for Motif Development for NetBSD
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/1996 11:24:13
Here is the response to my request that X-Inside reconsider their decision
to support NetBSD with their X/Motif/CDE product line.  It would be
especially valuable if NetBSD users would express their interest in this
to X Inside, as they have the widest product line of any of the
motif-for-free-*NIX vendors.  In addition, they have supported NetBSD in
the past, and are sympathetic to the need for this product.  If we could
convince them that their was demand for a NetBSD CDE implementation, they
might come around...

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Jim Wise wrote:
> On Nov 27, 13:54, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Subject: X Inside announces AcceleratedX CDE
> >
> > X Inside is pleased to announce the availability of AcceleratedX CDE
> > v1.0.10 for Linux and FreeBSD.  AcceleratedX CDE is X Inside's
> I am writing to ask whether you intend to support NetBSD in future releases
> of this product.  I would be _very_ interested in a CDE environment I could
> run at home, but am not interested in switching to Linux or FreeBSD to get
> this.  I run NetBSD because it provides the most stable, clean, and well-
> designed OS freely available for Intel hardware, while also supporting a
> variety of other architectures (I also run the sparc and mac68k ports,
> for example).  In addition, by providing unprecedented levels of binary
> emulation, NetBSD allows me to use binaries compiled for Linux, BSDI, FreeBSD,
> SCO, Unixware, and SYSV/x86 right out of the box.  In a similar fashion, the
> sparc port allows me to use pre-compiled Solaris and SunOS binaries.
> In the past, X Inside had released their motif product line for NetBSD on intel
> hardware, and I have heard nothing but good about it, but I notice that NetBSD
> is no longer among the supported platforms.
> Among the advantages of supporting NetBSD:
>   * Easy to do -- given working FreeBSD and BSDI ports, the differences between
>       these systems are minimal enough that a stable port should not take more
>       than two weeks.  NetBSD is a fully functional BSD 4.4 derivative, and
>       provides great support for the programmer.
>   * Ability to branch out to multiple platforms -- Given a working NetBSD/x86
>       port, it should be relatively easy to support any of the 14 other
>       architectures (with 2 more in development) which NetBSD supports.
>       All of these architectures are completely source-compatible, and almost
>       all already support X11R6.1 right out of the box.
>   * Demand -- currently no other vendor is supporting CDE for NetBSD on any
>       platform.  By stepping in with such a product, X Inside stands to win
>       sales from hundreds or thousands of current users of NetBSD, in return
>       for very little additional effort.
> I hope you will reconsider your decision to discontinue support for NetBSD, as I
> would very much like to use your Motif/CDE products, and look forward to future
> releases...
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Do to the historical demand for commercial products for NetBSD.  X
Inside has stop future development of NetBSD products.  NetBSD is a good
product.  I wish there was demand for commercial products for NetBSD.

Thank you for your interest in X Inside,

X Inside, Inc. "X Technology Specialists"

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