Subject: Re: NCR problems in recent build of current
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Davyd Norris <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/1996 15:03:10
Curt Sampson wrote:

> Rebuild a new kernel with `options FAILSAFE' and see if that helps.
> Is the Quantum Capella VP32210 the only SCSI device on your system?
> Do you have a CD-ROM drive as well?

Thanks to all who responded. To answer your questions:

1. No I did not do an fsck after it came up. I had just done three in a
row when booting to single user trying to fix a net boot problem which I
traced to a partially built userland (I had got so far as rebuilding the
rpcgen stuff and had left for the night to find the old assert failure
in the morning. Rebooting the machine fried at ypbind and I had to knock
it out of rc. If you don't use Suns, do you need it anyway?)

2. No I only have the Capella on the bus at the moment, although I am
really hoping that my NEC external 6x CDROM (worked previously so all
should be fine) and my Quantum (really an Archive Python) 4mm DAT tape
(has never worked right - any tricks to this?) will be there soon and
will work.

3. Thanks Perry for your 'hold on to your goolies' approach!! Will try
that if the others don't work.

4. I will build another kernel with FAILSAFE - this knocks out TAGS and
LUNS from the looks of it ??? Is that right?

5. My card IS an SC200 for those who wondered - not a 'fair dinkum'
53c810. Any problems with this particular card.

6. FWIW, does NetBSD support any bus master fast-wide PCI SCSI cards
like the NCR? When I put the system together, there was none in the list
but I guess some Adaptecs or Buslogics may be up there - any comments?


Davyd Norris - Systems Manager
Franklin Collins Pty. Ltd.
Melbourne, Australia.