Subject: Re: mail spams
To: Christian Kuhtz <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/27/1996 12:55:04
In message <> Christian Kuhtz writes:
: In that case, there's not much you can do... is one of
: those.

I have two questions...

1) Is there any lists of these thing spam-o-matic sites?  Or even a
   list of lists?
2) Would there be agreement to at least filter those out?

My personal preference would be to filter them out.  There is already
a precident for filtering mail to the NetBSD lists.

Personally, I give people two chances.  After the first mail I add
them to my list of people to watch for, as well as sending a take me
off your list request.  The second time I put them in my global kill
file, which sadly has gotten too big these days.  It catches about 2-5
spams per week right now, and that's only going to get worse....