Subject: Re: Mail list envelope sender address
To: D. J. Bernstein <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1996 18:54:36
"D. J. Bernstein" writes:
> Metzger is stunningly ignorant of how mail works.
> He continues to claim that parallelism does not reduce latency.

I never made such a claim. I only said it reduces overall


> He continues to claim that there is no security problem with throwing
> out messages that have duplicate Message-IDs.
> He continues to claim that sendmail never did just-send-8---even though
> I've pointed out to him that sendmail did just-send-8 starting in
> version 6.57. (See the sendmail RELEASE_NOTES.)

I realize you are at the very least emotional about your mailer, but
if you would please note, this is the NETBSD MAILING LIST. I have said
nothing here about message ids, just send 8, or any other such topic,
ever. Thats because this is the NetBSD mailing list.

This is not the place for this discussion AT ALL. This list is for
discussing problems and concerns with the "current" tree head version
of NetBSD. QMail isn't even part of the NetBSD distribution. Stop it NOW.

> > ...this is the NetBSD mailing list, not the qmail mailing list.
> Metzger and Fair are allowed to criticize qmail, and I can't respond?

Find another place to respond. Not here.