Subject: daily CVS update output
To: None <,,,>
From: Charlie Root <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/24/1996 04:42:56
Updating src and othersrc trees:
U src/distrib/notes/sparc/hardware
U src/distrib/notes/sparc/prep
U src/sys/arch/alpha/tc/espvar.h
U src/sys/arch/arm32/arm32/conf.c
U src/sys/arch/arm32/conf/GENERIC
U src/sys/dev/isa/isa.c
U src/sys/dev/isa/lptreg.h
U src/sys/dev/pci/ncr.c
U src/sys/dev/pci/pci.c
U src/sys/dev/pci/pcivar.h
U src/sys/kern/kern_subr.c
U src/sys/netiso/if_eon.c

Killing core files:

Updating the SUP server configuration files:
===> current
===> current/list
===> mirror

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Sun Nov 24 04:29:55 1996
SUP Scan for current completed at Sun Nov 24 04:32:17 1996
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Sun Nov 24 04:32:18 1996
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Sun Nov 24 04:40:31 1996

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 root  wheel  264779 Nov 24 04:42 ls-lRA.gz