Subject: Re: why routed
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Dennis Ferguson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1996 18:25:00
>   Experienced system administrators know to either:
> 	-install gated	   (big network)
> 	-use static routes (small network)

gated is fine if the Unix box you're configuring is acting as a router, but
is serious overkill if the Unix box is a host and you're just trying to keep
your default route pointed at which ever of the three routers on your wire
is currently up and running.  For host routing where a static default just
won't do your conventional choices are

	- a host implementation of router discovery (standard, preferred)
	- silently listening to RIP (traditional)

If routed can do these then it is about right for the routing hosts with a
single ethernet interface need to do, and is small and simple compared to
gated.  I'd use gated on any box with two or more interfaces, though.

Dennis Ferguson