Subject: Re: Mail list envelope sender address
To: Christian Kuhtz <>
From: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/14/1996 03:33:46
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In message <>you write:
> On Tue, 12 Nov 1996 20:31:28 +0100, Jan-Hinrich Fessel <> mumbled:
> > I specifically meant those:
> > Received: (qmail-queue invoked by uid 605); 11 Nov 1996 17:31:14 -0000
> > Received: (qmail-queue invoked from smtpd); 11 Nov 1996 17:31:08 -0000

> There is absolutely nothing wrong with these headers, except that bringing them into the usually used Received by: style wouldn't hurt.


> Someone (some*thing* to be exact) is always touching your mails on
>, otherwise none of us would see this.

There are two ways of touching wrt. mail: relaying and modifying the contents.
When I see Headers of this form I usually am safe to assume that someone is 
laying hands on the mail whom the MTA doesn't trust.
OK, the line with "invoked from smtpd" is looking less fishy than the other 
one, but nonetheless it looks fishy.

> It's debugging output even some of the least sophisticated MUA's will 
> weed out for you.  If yours doesn't, you can either get used to it or
> use a different MUA ;-).
> I don't know how to do it in exmh, but I bet there probably is someone who can help you out with that.

I have no problems in this respect.
I stumbled only across the matter while tracking a mail in order to check why 
it took so long to get back to me.

And, btw, breaking up your long lines wouldn't hurt either.  I don't know how 
to do it with the NextMailer, but you may eventually find out ;-)

> Relax, nothing wrong with this setup.

But there is nothing elegant with it, too...

> > Tragbar ist, was nicht herunterfaellt.
> ;-).. und unertraeglich ist was beim Herunterfallen zerbricht? ;-)

Nicht wirklich, es ist schon auch unerträgliche, wenn es fällt.  Der Spruch 
wurde übrigens anläßlich einer Modenschau geprägt.


 					Tragbar ist, was nicht herunterfaellt.


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