Subject: Re: pppd as login shell
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/11/1996 23:20:15
On Nov 11,  9:11pm, Jason Thorpe wrote:
}  John Nemeth <> wrote:
}  >      Yeah, but do you have NetBSD drivers for those cards?  Besides, a
}  > NetBlazer is much easier to maintain then a full blown UNIX system,
}  > and has an OS optimised for the job it does.
} Uhh, those cards are just Western Digital ethernet cards in our
} NetBlazer... the isa "ed" driver will probably drive them just fine.

     We were talking about the async cards, which I believe are
modified Stallion boards, and I don't think NetBSD has a driver for
those.  But, you are right about the ethernet boards.

} ...and, I wouldn't exactly call the NetBlazer OS "optimised" :-)

     Maybe, maybe not, but I would still rather use some form of
dedicated terminal server then a UNIX host to drive a large number of
serial ports any day.  UNIX hosts in general do not make good serial
port servers, witness the discussion about mgetty+pppd, and that's
only one of many aspects of the problem.

}-- End of excerpt from Jason Thorpe