Subject: Re: Mail list envelope sender address
To: Chris G Demetriou <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/11/1996 18:52:43
In message <> Chris G Demetriou writes:
: i've never used procmail, and as far as i know MH's maildelivery
: mechanism doesn't have this ability, since the address used to get to
: the user isn't available to MH, as far as i know.

Sure slocal has this ability, kinda.  Here's a smattering of the
filter rules I use for netbsd (and a bunch of other lists):

Sender | ? "/usr/local/lib/mh/rcvstore +a/netbsd-current"
Sender | ? "/usr/local/lib/mh/rcvstore +a/netbsd-current"

Keep in mind that Sender isn't an envelope address.  It is in the
headers themselves that are sent over as part of the mail.  A less
reliable way would be to use the return-path which tends (I've
discovered) to be less dependable than the Sender line.

slocal also gives you the ability to specify "addr" as the "header"
part of the line, which I suppose you could use to filter on....

I've had to change the owner- to -owner once before, so this time I
left them both in :-).