Subject: 1542 and ISA DMA
To: None <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/1996 00:46:50
Sorry if I got a big offensive in my post.  Your name and/or sig looks
so familiar, I assumed you had been lurking on the NetBSD lists for
some time.  I know I've seen it somewhere.

But, scanning through my mail logs, I can't find any mail from you on
the lists.  So, it appears I may have jumped on you unjustly.

The reason I did so is that this is discussed all the time.  It's in
the FAQ.  It's in the install docs.  And, I just quickly picked over
fifty messages out of my mail from October on this very subject.  So,
the only way you COULD have missed this is if you hadn't been on the
lists, or had been totally catotonic during the whole ordeal. :-)

So, my apologies if you have indeed just joined the lists.  If that is
the case, go peruse the mail logs on, for
current-users.  Look for anything that has bounce (for bounce-buffers)
in the body of the message.  It also turned into a thread called
"Diaspora, politics, and MI".

Good luck.

  Michael L. VanLoon                 
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