Subject: Re: JDK on *BSD
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/07/1996 10:00:54
> A quick and dirty JDK for NetBSD/i386 is to run the FreeBSD port.  I'v
> used it and it appears to act ok, except for the "display" program.

Thanks to everyone who gave me pointers.  A cute one I found via a
Japanese web site was:

netscape -java -classpath ~/java/lib/ $*

sadly, when I ran that on zen, it looked like it was going to happily
consume all my swap space...

Good news is that
supports JIT on NetBSD, and runs java byte code about 10 times faster
than the JDK.  So I have a working javac now which is what I mainly
wanted.  Netscape works fine as an applet viewer.

I'll look into the FreeBSD port of the JDK too, esp if they've done

Thanks again to all.