Subject: Re: More SCSI problems
To: Sean Berry <>
From: Greg Baldwin <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/04/1996 16:03:15
On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Sean Berry wrote:

> DEC doesn't make drives these days.  Most often, they put their BIOS on a
> Quantum disk, like they used to put a DEC label on their Micropolis disks.

Actually, thats not true.  DEC is still designing and releasing new
drives, but now they have just put their focus on the high-end drive

According to the people over at DEC that I talked too, Quantum bought
several drive lines from DEC, including their DSP line.  Now Quantum does
whatever they want with them... (ie, slap Quantum labels on them and call
them their own...)

If you have any problems with those drive lines, even if they have the DEC
label on them, you go and talk to Quantum about it.