Subject: Re: Help compiling i386 kernel pls.: Elf32_Ehdr
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1996 19:46:21
>  > (a) How did anyone _know_ this?  I didn't see anything on this list, 
>  > /doc/CHANGES doesn't say anything, and options(4) says nothing either.  
>  > I now see these are contained within the sample options files, but there
>  > is no indication of their essentialness.
> Now now... Granted doc/CHANGES should say something. I didn't check there. If
> it indeed says nothing about this then Chris should be flayed as he used to 
> whine about doc/CHANGES being updated... :)

doc/CHANGES says:

        Added kernel support for 64-bit ELF, partially provided by
                Matt Thomas <>.  [cgd 960926]

Perhaps that's not useful enough for some, but people should
definitely be reading current-users and the current-users mail

Interesting stats:

Since 1.2, there have been 78 entries added to doc/CHANGES, broken
down as:

  23 thorpej
  14 cgd
   8 explorer
   7 mrg
   4 is
   4 christos
   3 ws
   3 leo
   2 scottr
   2 chuck
   1 soda
   1 ragge
   1 pk
   1 mycroft
   1 lukem
   1 jtk
   1 jonathan
   1 fvdl

(those may be a little bit off, since i made the counts by hand,

Make of that what you will...