Subject: Re: i386/m68k binary conversion
To: David Gilbert <>
From: G. Baldwin <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/1996 19:03:55
On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, David Gilbert wrote:

> >>>>> "Jose" == Jose Alburquerque <> writes:
> Jose> Would it be possible to convert a binary program or library for
> Jose> NetBSD-i386 to m68k-NetBSD binary fomat with some sort of
> Jose> conversion program?  Just curious.
> 	You're asking about one step further... which is basically
> writing out this new executable.  Think about it another way.  If you
> had the source, then you could just recompile.  So you're really
> asking about compiling with your source language being an i386 binary
> and your destination being a m68k one.

Well, what exactly are people wanting to convert?  Most programs that are
available for NetBSD/i386 are free, for just get the source.  What people
really want to do is convert software from other UNIX-ish OS's...  there
are a few programs that are available for Linux/i386 or SunOS/Sparc that I
wouldn't mind having on my NetBSD/680x0 system, but are commercial, so I
can't get the source.

In this case, not only do you have to translate CPU machine language
instructions, but often you have slightly varying OS routines (ala, a
NeXT/i386 or SGI/MIPS to NetBSD/680x0 translator would come to mind).  I'd
love to be able to run the SGI version of Lightwave under NetBSD/Amiga...

This really shouldn't be too much of a problem 'because you have some OS
emulation code in NetBSD already, but why emulate when you can just
assimulate?  8)