Subject: Re: stairstep problem with ncftp 1.9.5 and GNU readline?
To: Julian Bean <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1996 08:11:12
> >I'm trying to compile ncftp 1.9.5 (you know, the simple one) with
> >GNU readline and having a very hard time.  After figuring out I needed
> >to add "-ltermcap" everytime I added "-lcurses", it compiles
>> but causes a stairstepping problem.  If I used -DCURSES in PDEFS,
> >then it won't compile at all since it defines SGTTYB and enables
> I think I remember that I had to compile ncftp with ncurses.

I have ncftp 1.6.0 and have never had ncurses around.  I don't see any
emacs backup files in the directory, so I assume I didn't have to fix
anything to make it work. (No, wait, I changed main.h to comment out the
broken redeclaration of tgetstr.)  On the other hand, I didn't try to use