Subject: Re: Compiling GNU tools....
To: Mike Long <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1996 23:12:32
At 3:46 pm 25/9/96, Mike Long wrote:
>>While I'm on the subject of development - seems to reference
>>[symbols defined in], [specifically _tgetstr] but doesn't
>>dynamically load it - why not?  On Solaris you can ldd
>>/usr/lib/, but our ldd seems to only support actual
>Solaris shlibs are quite different from SunOS (and hence NetBSD)
>shlibs.  SunOS's ldd segfaults when you run it on a shared library.

OK.  Fair enough.  It doesn't answer my question, though.  Can the NetBSD
shlib model cause other libs to be 'pulled in' in the solaris style?  If
so, surely ldd _should_ work on them (I mean, should be made to, I guess).
And equally, Why doesn't curses pull in termcap.

If it doesn't because our doesn't work that way, then why is our
curses dependant on termcap when other OS's aren't?


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