Subject: Re: Diaspora, politics, and MI
To: None <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/1996 13:24:10
> Jukka writes:
> >Better not write any code for NetBSD at all.  For example, I _paid_
> >someone to get a working Cyclades driver.  The driver does work indeed,
> >but it doesn't look correct enough to some people, so they are laughing
> >at the code now and telling me "it needs work" before it can be included
> >in the tree.
> Oh, I can tell who's been whispering in _your_ ear. (1/2 :-)
> Just who, might I ask, has been "laughing" at the Cyclades driver?

Nobody.  I said (in private mail) that i'd heard from a third party
that the quality of some of the cy driver's code was what i would call
"laughably bad."  That actually implies no laughter, however.

I don't water my opinions down, and don't start planning to do so any
time soon.  If the cy code does have the problems that the
aforementioned third party says it did, then i would say that it is
no less than laughably bad -- and i'd be laughing, except that i'd
like to see the driver in the tree eventually.

> >Now that I'm talking about these things I'm receiving personal flame mail
> >from the Ones Who Know Better.  Very incouraging.  Someone says "he has
> I don't know who the "Ones Who Know Better" are, but certainly nobody should
> be sending you flamage.

I wasn't flaming him.  I was pointing out that:

	(1) he's being unreasonable if he thinks code should go in,
	    even if it's broken.

	(2) if people aren't adequately reviewing his code so that
	    it _can_ go in eventually, he should take it up with them
	    and/or core -- not flame about it here on a public mailing
	    list, and

	(3) By saying that NetBSD only accepts "politically correct
	    code" as he put it several times in private mail, or that
	    developers refuse to let code that isn't "perfect" in
	    the source tree, he's painting with too wide a brush, and
	    that saying those things are in no way constructive.

I also pointed out that if he'd for example asked me to read his code
-- rather than just randomly flaming to the mailing lists that the
code didn't go in, and then pointing a finger at me when i tryed to
indicate that maybe it wasn't all our fault -- that he'd have gotten
a lot further than he has or likely will if he continues his current
tack.  At least, if his code _was_ "good enough" (in my opinion), he'd
have somebody else on his side, or if not then he'd have more
constructive comments.

I happen to be one of the current driver portability "gurus" for
NetBSD, and though i don't have very much time to look at code, i
typically do so if asked.  (I've never even been _asked_ to look at
the cy code, and therefore flaming me about it is totally
inappropriate.  And, yes, there are definitely cases where i've
committed myself to doing things, and dropped the ball, but there are
more where the right thing has happened.)

Despite the thoughts of a few people, flaming the NetBSD developers is
not the way to encourage their cooperation or get your source code
into the tree.