Subject: pppd setup query
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Wiker, Raymond <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/1996 13:52:43
	I've been struggling for a few days now with pppd, but with
little success. At some point I also fetched the sources for iijppp
(0.94beta), but there seemed to be some mismatch between what NetBSD
puts in if_tunnel.{c,h} and what iijppp expects to find there, so I
gave up - temporarily, at least.

	What I'm trying do do is this: I want to setup a connection to
an ISP that should hang up when there is no network activity for a
certain time. According to the docs, this should be achievable through
a combination of the keywords demand, idle and persist. The demand
keyword also requires the peer IP address to be specified. The local
IP address varies (because the ISP hands out the first free address
from a set of addresses), so I cannot specify that; I also use the
"noipdefault" keyword to indicate that pppd should not try the first
address in the hosts file (or whatever...)

	I've tried this, and whenever I try to connect, pppd seems to
insist on using the local address (when noipdefault is used)
or one of the addresses in /etc/hosts (without the noipdefault
option). If I remove the demand option, everything works, except that
it connects whether there is network activity or not.

	Is this a bug in pppd, or am I doing something stupid? The
command line is something like

pppd : \
	name myname \
	remotename ispname \
	demand \
	persist \
	idle 30 \
	noipdefault \
	chat ' ... '