Subject: RE: tangent: bounce buffers.
To: Michael Graff <>
From: John Maier <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/18/1996 13:33:00
Yes prices have plunged for 72 pin SIMMs thus as
old 30 pin SIMMs get discarded, they go for dirt.

As a matter of fact, I've seen 16megs of 30 pin
(4 x 4Meg sticks) go for $50!!!

New 30 pins aren't getting any cheaper, but people
want to get rid of them when they upgrade.

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Sent:  Wednesday, September 18, 1996 10:13 AM
To:  Michael Graff
Cc:  Tracy Di Marco White; current-users
Subject:  Re: tangent: bounce buffers.

On 18 Sep 1996, Michael Graff wrote:
> Tracy Di Marco White <> writes:
> > Or, RAM drops to an amazingly cheap price, while SCSI cards don't.
> Or, you have old machines which would be fine for large name servers   
> other memory intensive processes, but don't need fast disk.  They just
> need bounce buffers.

Well, let's not go overboard on this `old machines' bit. At least
in my part of the world, RAM prices have plunged for 72-pin SIMMs,
but not for 30-pin SIMMs. A 16MB 72-pin SIMM is $130 (Canadian
dollars) or so; four 4MB 3-pin SIMMs run about $240. So let's do
an upgrade comparison, starting with a low-end 486 motherboard,
8MB of RAM, and an Adaptec 1542, and make a nameserver for an ISP
or other medium-size site out of it:

    Option 1:
        Motherboard                             Free
        CPU                                     Free
        8 MB RAM                                Free
        24 MB RAM (6x 4MB 30-pin SIMMs)         $360
            (24 MB of 4MB 30-pin SIMMs)
        SCSI controller                         Free

                                        TOTAL   $360

    Option 2:
        New PCI motherboard w/ SCSI controller  $175
        CPU                                     Free
        32 MB RAM (2x 70-pin SIMMs)             $240
        Resale of old components:
            Motherboard                         ($40)
            8 MB RAM                            ($60)
            SCSI controller                     ($80)

                                        TOTAL   $235

You should be able to sell the parts above at the prices I've given
above in no time. You've now not only gotten around the bounce
buffer problem, but saved yourself $125 in the process.


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