Subject: Re: tangent: bounce buffers.
To: None <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/16/1996 11:40:32
# From Mon Sep 16 11:04:48 1996
# _ANY_ ISA devices you have on an Alpha which use DMA _must_ be
# "bounce-buffered" to work _at all_.  You'll note that the Alpha port
# currently does not support floppy or sound drivers.  That is why.

*SMACK*  "And he was enlightened..."

# Actually, it's not overblown for "our current needs," if you consider
# other ports besides the	i386.  And, i've explained this in detail
# several times before, when justifying the need for real MI bounce
# buffers.

Yes, you have, but I still hadn't seen anything which justified not
implementing an interim MD-version, until you mentioned the floopy driver
above.  A sound driver is not a good reason (you don't boot off a sound
card through an audio channel unless you're running something like an
Apple ][ or a PET).  Lack of a floppy driver will prove problematic if
you're trying to stand-boot an Alpha and you can't use the floppy! so
that seems reasonable.

But to the rest of the ISA-dependent world, while the end result may
turn out neater, something which would work in the interim would at
least ease the frustrations of those who can't make use of more than

# cgd

Thanks for the info, though.  I'm still learning.  A few more boots to
the head and I should be _juuuuuust_ fine. :-)