Subject: Re: elk-3.0 on NetBSD-current?
To: Wiker, Raymond <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/10/1996 08:38:46
I wrote:
Me> Has anyone gotten elk-3.0 running on current?  I've been trying, and
Me> it runs out of the box on the HP at work, but here on my pc532/current
Me> I'm having a bit more trouble...
Me> Just thought I'd ask here before pestering the author.

"Perry E. Metzger" <> writes:
Perry> 1) You should have all the patches up to the latest.
Perry> 2) I haven't had trouble getting it to work under current on
Perry>    port-i386. Maybe its an arch. specific problem, given that Elk
Perry>    plays games with undump and such.

Perhaps, but I just type "make" then "make install" then "scheme"
and I get "lambda: wrong number of arguments"  I commented EVERYTHING
out of initscheme.scm, and got the same thing with define or set!
(I don't exactly remember which) in toplevel.scm Haven't done any
dumping yet that I know of, however, I did see the text segment
stuff in the config file, and I hope copying the FreeBSD stuff was
at least real close.

"Wiker, Raymond" <> writes:
Raymond> 	Um. I had some trouble with Elk (though I can't remember if it
Raymond> was 3.0 or the previous version). Anyway, the problem turned out to be
Raymond> a compiler optimisation - something to do with picking the wrong
Raymond> address from a cons cell (could actually be the 'cdr' function...). I
Raymond> can check this out if necessary. 

That may well be it.  I'll recompile without the -O2 flag given to gcc and
see what happens.  Do you know which file had the problem?

Jon Buller